Future Headcanon for Miraxus

Laxus isn’t fond of social functions and meetings, so when he became the next guild master of Fairy Tail, he dreaded attending those guild masters’ meetings and social functions where his presence is required.

So on the first one, he brought Mirajane along so she can take participate in the discussions and he can be his bored, grumpy self. On the next one, a ball, he invited her to come because he knew she would love to dance. It was in return for the previous favor, but he realized how much he enjoyed her company.

He found more reasons to make her tag along on the next ones, and pretty soon he found himself looking forward to these functions, not because of the events but because those provided him a chance to get her alone, which is rare occurrence when they are in the guild, with him being guild master and her assisting him.

When they are out on “official business” they would take detours all the time, and he would take her out to fancy restaurants but also to picnic, both of which she enjoys. He would tag along when she goes shopping and he doesn’t mind having to carry her many shopping bags full of presents for the guild mages.

They would watch plays, or Mira would watch the play while he watches her, the sparkle in her eyes and the wonderful sound of her laughter, her voice when she hums along to the tunes she knows. They would visit fairs from the towns they visit, fairs that he never cared about before. It doesn’t even bother him how he looks like when they’re walking around with cotton candy and a huge teddy bear he won for her in hand. All that matters is the person beside him and her happiness.

It is in one of these detours that he finally asked for her hand in marriage. She, of course said yes. These detours soon became a family tradition; no matter how busy it gets being the guild master and guild master’s assistant of such a rambunctious guild, Mira and Laxus always found time to enjoy being with each other, and later on, with their children that they brought along.

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Anonymous asked: Headcanon: Although Mira kept up a brave face when Laxus and his team were poisoned, on the inside she was furious someone tried to take Laxus from her but managed to keep her anger in check. Now that she's fighting the tartarus demons, Mira is secretly thinking that it's payback time for her loved ones and Guild.


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The Notebook Laxus x Mirajane version (❀◦‿◦)

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headcanon: when Mira stays for the night, she likes to make breakfast the morning after. Laxus returns the favour by making dinner for her on occasion. He’s not the best cook, but he’s decent when it comes to the basics, and knows exactly what she enjoys.

Mira meanwhile’s a fantastic cook and can cook up a feast no problem.

I can’t believe people can take one look at this picture and still tell me that anything but Miraxus is going to happen or already happening. It’s quite funny really.

I can’t believe people can take one look at this picture and still tell me that anything but Miraxus is going to happen or already happening. It’s quite funny really.

Anonymous asked: Since you're on a high, can we take this moment to talk about Mira's more-than-enough sideboob in that chapter cover? Just imagine how Laxus must have felt the whole night he was escorting her. I think every time Mira makes a single movement, that dress is giving Laxus so many sinful stuff to think about


Yesssss omg that’s why Laxus was so nervous huehuehue~

really love to imagine that Laxus and Mira were at Jellal and Erza’s wedding in that chapter cover and Laxus offered to be Mira’s escort but the two weren’t dating atm but that night while they were dancing a really beautiful and romantic slow dance came on and the two of them were dancing and sort of just got lost in each other’s eyes and they just lean in slowly and kiss ahhhh <3

They sort of become a thing right after that and they may or may not have spent the night with each other huehuehue

Miraxus Headcanons (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


Laxus and Mira aren’t a very public couple. They share small gestures in public, but don’t really show it off. However, in private the two of them are very intimate and very close.

Laxus and Mira grew significantly closer as time went on. During Jellal and Erza’s wedding, the two of them were not dating, however they were put together for the majority of the ceremony and reception. That night was the night the two of them realized they loved each other and kissed during a dance. After the reception the two of them spent the night with each other.

The first time Laxus realized he truly loved her and truly wanted to spend the rest of his life with her was after they had gone through and argument and Mira was considerably upset and Laxus thought that she would leave him. Laxus apologized for everything he did admitted he truly loved her with all his heart and soul and kissed her. This was hard for Laxus, since even in private those kinda of gestures seemed a bit out of his own character. It all ended well, with the two of them embracing and kissing.

They like to have hot make out sessions in the back of the guild hall.

As the next master of Fairy Tail, Laxus often times spent all nighters on paper work, and Mira would be by his side the entire night.

Mira and Laxus are actually big cuddlers when in private.

While their love making can at times be quite kinky, it’s more than often very slow and romantic and passionate. Laxus has a surprisingly gentle touch for a man with hands as rough as his. And Mira is always grabbing on to his hair.

Laxus proposed to Mira in their home on their anniversary. It was something private and it meant the world to Mira. The next day at the guild, they didn’t exactly goad about it, but rather she was wearing the engagement ring and Erza noticed and asked her about and Mira blushed while saying that Laxus popped the question and Laxus quickly confirmed it. Natsu overheard and yelled it out for all of Fiore to hear and the guild celebrated for two nights straight.