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mirajane strauss ; as requested by thewhitemperor
separatedways asked: other favourite pairings after miraxus??

NaLu was my first ever otp in FT. Then, there also GaLe, Gruvia, and ElfEver. Then Miraxus stole the limelight.

I can’t tell if I love NaLu or Miraxus more. They’re both special in their own  way. Though I do invest more time in Miraxus for awhile now, that doesn’t diminish my love my love for NaLu or other pairs. But, Miraxus is my baby, I can’t help it <3 So yea…maybe I baby them a lot more, haha. They’re just precious and stole my heart ;3;

shannachickenhill asked: Hey! I was wondering at which point you started shipping Miraxus. We've seen a few moments that me me believe they could be canon in the future. They make the most sense to me (unlike MiraFreed and Laxus x Cana or Laxus x Lisanna), but I can't remember when exactly I fell in love with this couple :3 So when did you? :)

Oh man…if I’m being honest, I can’t even pinpoint exactly when I started shipping these two as an actual possible canon couple. I shipped them more like…a 'possible but not yet possible' crack couple. I must have went through several crack ships for Mira alone (Miraxus (the first one I shipped, before I started shipping them really hardcore), MiraElfman (before I knew that was her brother!, MiraFreed (cause of that one moment) until I came to the conclusion that Miraxus was the only one for me and the others were all just temporary phases. I started to ship them from their very first interactions, of course, and that was before I knew they'd get so popular. I mean, I shipped them as a potential 'crack' pairing while others were shipping them as pure crack even before GMG Arc. And I never have potential 'crack' pairings. Miraxus just always seemed…right to me. Like, they were meant to be.

Out of all the pairings I could think of for Mira and Laxus, Miraxus was always the one I stuck with/came back to, so, I shipped them as a ‘crack’ couple that I secretly wanted to become canon, but never had any further development. Then, when I went back to analyse their first moments, I realized that these two had the most interesting interactions and the most intriguing potential, for a ‘crack’ pair - and then they didn’t seem so crack anymore. Then I wanted them to become canon even more. I guess I can say that even though they started out as crack couple  (as in they had no development in terms of a relationship), I fell more and more in love w/ them as the manga progressed!

Then, there was GMG Arc, and finally all those little analysis and observations I made seemed to make even more sense. I was like ‘Okay, Mashima must ship them!’ So, they became ‘semi-crack’ aka ‘potential to become canon’ to me.

I tend to not like to ship crack couples , since I’m a ‘true love’ kind of shipper. I feel like it’s a waste of time to ship anything half-heartedly. While crack ships can be fun, I’d rather invest my time in something that I know/hope at least has the possibility of coming true. Miraxus was always that kind of pair, where even if technically they were considered crack, it didn’t really feel/seem like they were to me.

I also tend to ship couples based on their mutual interactions, and Miraxus was no exception. Initially, when her character was introduced, we’ve never really seen Mirajane talk to much people before in the guild, and especially not Laxus, and so when we saw a different side to her than we usually see with him and then tension was building…she wasn’t afraid to step up to him…well, we can put the pieces together ;)

Sooo…it’s kind of confusing but…I guess I always kind of shipped Miraxus. I just didn’t realize HOW much until later on.

It’s kind of like falling in love…can’t remember when or how…you just fell.

*shies away* Hope that’s the answer you were looking for, sorry it’s not like most others ;(^o^)


Everybody stand ready on higher ground.
sagethesupermage asked: I agree! That's what I love about Miraxus actually. They can be very hot and sexy with each other, yet they can also be sweet dorky and adorable together. Their personalities just perfectly complement each other which is why I think their moments are bound to always have that "awww" factor :) Their interactions at the start of the series have been very intriguing, it's like only the 2 of them can understand. So yes, I do agree that they most probably had their fair share of romance in the past.


Exactly, exactly! and I really appreciate the fact that they didn’t start out as an obvious pairing. There was good build up and brilliant character development (especially on Laxus’ part) before their personalities suited eachother; they practically matured together

codus21 asked: I'll be honest with you, Jhayni. I don't think Laxus will be the next master, at least not for a long time. I think a major development for Laxus in the near future will be that, after this arc, he'll ask for a seat on the council and a WS membership. Why, you ask? I think Laxus will feel guilty over the town he failed to save, so he wants a bigger influence so that he can personally be involved in the clean-up. This would show how selfless he's grown, putting aside his ambitions to help people


Personally, I think Laxus has already had his major development in the aftermath of Fantasia. Everything else since Tenrou has been icing on the cake, showing us just how much he’s changed from a heartless jerk to a man who cares about others. It’s refining his character more than developing it.

If Ivan and Makarov clash, Laxus will have a role to play in that scenario. Later on, he may end up a WS, but he’s never expressed any interest in being on the council. There is much more evidence to show Laxus will be the next guild master of FT than that he’ll be a council member.

There’s that moment on Tenrou, while Makarov lies wounded and says, “Hear me, the one who’ll inherit my will” (other translations I’ve seen are, “Hear me, my successor”). Immediately after, the scene cuts to Laxus, wondering what the disturbance in his heart is. And he responds to his gut feeling and comes to Tenrou to help the guild.

And then later on, Makarov takes Laxus into his confidence about Ivan’s doings. After Laxus defeats RT, there’s a scene where Mavis, Makarov, and Laxus are talking about Ivan and LH. The three people gathered there are a previous master, the present master, and ….? I believe it’s no accident that Laxus is included in this conversation, as the future master of FT.

Makarov is due to either die or retire. He’s been hanging on for a long time, but his age is telling on him. It’s been an issue since Phantom Lord and he needs to be let off the hook.

At the GMG, on the last day, Mavis remarked on Laxus’ strength. She also, as FT were beating on Minerva, Jura, Lyon & Sherry, made this speech about the young ones going forward. She’s signalling her conviction that the youth of FT are going to supersede the older generation. And I think that also includes the change in leadership from Makarov to Laxus.


Mira brushing Laxus’ hairrrroh wait that’s canon